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Prepare for Trouble by AK-4142 Prepare for Trouble :iconak-4142:AK-4142 1 0 Damn, I'm looking good by AK-4142 Damn, I'm looking good :iconak-4142:AK-4142 2 3 But this is only the beginning by AK-4142 But this is only the beginning :iconak-4142:AK-4142 2 2 Roman Scutum by AK-4142 Roman Scutum :iconak-4142:AK-4142 1 0
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Project Arkangel: The Fall, Chapter 8 :iconak-4142:AK-4142 3 3
Project Arkangel: The Fall Chapter 5/X
Adept Jonnes was beaming.  He had always known his hard work would pay off some day and now it had.  The Magos had entrusted him personally with the device.  He couldn't believe his luck; although he wasn't completely sure what the oddly shaped box strapped to the back of his Taruos was, he had been enstructed by the Magos himself that it would 'change the world as it had not been for 40 years.'  Jonnes was sure that the device must have been some kind of superweapon.  A weapon that he had been chosen to courier to the field. He still couldn't believe it.
He had failed as a guardsman, and was beginning to worry that he would fail as a Tech-Adept, but now all those thoughts were behind him.  The vehicle crested a hill and he smiled even wider.  
“There,” he said, pointing to a spot on the battlefield.  The fighting was thick and vicious, but their side had made progress - there were already multiple holes in the wall surrounding Pendin
:iconak-4142:AK-4142 3 0
Project Arkangel: The Fall Chapter 3/X
Magos may have been his title, but the half man, half machine had never formally earned it.  He was only the leader of the Machine Cult on the wrecked ship by virtue of being the oldest techpriest still alive.  He adjusted the device in front of him as his cognitor fumbled with this fact. True as this was he still felt comfortable with his abilities. After all, he had been trained on Mars and received instruction there. This ancient device should pose no problem for someone like him.  
‘Should,’ he thought his mind said, turning the word over.  True, it wasn’t the most elegant thing he’d ever created.  Honestly, he could be thrown out of the cult for such a creation but the situation had demanded it.  If they ever found out, they would understand.   His cognitor settled, he shut the top cylinder and looked for a way to mark it.  His cognitor answered the query and he burned a circular symbol into the side with three rec
:iconak-4142:AK-4142 4 0
Darkness on the Mountain
January 15th, 1873
Rocky Mountains

It was dark when I began the hunt and a glance at the sky told me it would be dark when I returned to the cabin.  At that moment I didn’t have time to think about the sun.  I had been following a fresh set of deer tracks in the snow along a ridge all day.  I moved my rifle to my left hand as I knelt down to look at the tracks.  Fresh.  Fresh enough that the falling snow hadn’t begun to cover them.  I turned my head to point my ear in the direction of the tracks and listened.  For a long moment there was nothing.  Then, barely perceptible, I heard a twig snap.  I moved the rifle back to my right hand and slowly worked the lever action.  I moved off the trail to where the trees were thicker on the right and counted off paces.  First two dozen right, then as many forward.  I laid down and braced the rifle against a tree.  
I’d gotten there just in time.  No soo
:iconak-4142:AK-4142 1 9
Mature content
Arkangel: Road Trip 5/x :iconak-4142:AK-4142 5 6
Mature content
Arkangel: Road Trip 4/x :iconak-4142:AK-4142 4 1
Mature content
Arkangel: Road Trip 2/x :iconak-4142:AK-4142 4 3
Mature content
Arkangel: Road Trip 1/x :iconak-4142:AK-4142 5 6
Mature content
Arkangel: Method of Control :iconak-4142:AK-4142 5 7
Raven over Fallen Aquila 2/?
Eric Anderson opened the hatch above him and climbed onto the top of the battleship’s command tower.  His boss was there, as he knew he would be, and he had busied himself with an archaic game.  He was using a metal pole with a curved head to hit small white balls off the top of the ship and into the wasteland.  Up here there was no need for any kind of protective mask, and really the area around the ship was clear for some distance but as a precaution both men had radiation masks with them.
Perhaps also as a precaution or out of habit both men were armed, Anderson with his laspistol and Marcus with his family’s power saber.  The rogue trader didn’t turn around to see who it was; he only swung the ‘club’ as he called it and launched another ball off the ship.  
“Mister Anderson, I don’t believe I requested a status report.”  He said replacing the ball he just hit with another.  “And I don’t s
:iconak-4142:AK-4142 4 6
Arkangel: Always a Deal
“Mister Anderson, status report.”  First Officer Eric Anderson no longer was the first officer on an Imperial Battleship, and status report had come to mean something far different for him the 20 years since the ship he was standing in had moved. Nonetheless, he still found the order familiar and the man who had spoken it was well aware of that.  It was why he had said it. As Anderson walked into the room his saw the speaker.
The rogue trader Marcus Walsh was standing in front of the great glass window looking out over the planet.  He was dressed in his normal attire, the blue dress uniform of an Imperial Navy captain though he had long since left that rank behind.  In his hand was a glass of colored liquid and as the first officer approached him he took another swig of his drink.
It was from his own distillery a few dozen decks below him and Marcus thought he could tell which vat from the taste. He took another sip and thought it over. Number 14 perhaps?  Anderson stood
:iconak-4142:AK-4142 4 15
The Fallen Aquila: Project Arkangel
Faction Name: The Fallen Aquila (Wreck of the battleship The Golden Aquila)
History: In the late 41st millennium, some 20 years after the Black Out War the Rogue Trader battleship The Golden Aquila under the largely successful rogue trader Marcus Walsh was engaged by an Ork fleet in a system near Arkangel.  Completely outnumbered and running the risk of total destruction, he ordered a blind jump out of the system.  Although the ship did manage to lose the Orks, they emerged from the warp too close to the ruined planet and the already damaged engines couldn’t prevent a crash landing.
The battleship came down on the eastern continent at the base of a mountain range.  The ship soft landed and remained largely intact although it did skid along the surface for some 40 kilometers leaving a trail of debris.  The Aquila’s armored prow also dug into the ground leaving the sip approximately 1/6 of the way up buried in the ground.  With only between 4-6% of the crew killed in the cras
:iconak-4142:AK-4142 4 13

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Nudist Beach Joins The Emperor :iconvangarshriek:VangarShriek 44 30
Seattle by atengphotography Seattle :iconatengphotography:atengphotography 85 9


In honor of the holiday, here's some kind words from my favorite fictional President, John Henry Eden.  

Happy Independence Day to all Americans out there!  Who is your favorite fictional President?


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